About Me

hmm, what to say about myself?  …i’m a queer femme, feminist, foodie, mostly-vegetarian, would-be adventurer, interested in the world, politics, the environment, improving the lot of humanity, sex, music, dancing, flowers, fluid gender boundaries…and checking out cute queer butches.  yup, i said it.

you can contact me at freedomgrrrl[at]gmail[dot]com, if you so desire.  and probably, you should so desire.


6 responses to “About Me

  1. I love how you are true to yourself, Freedom Girl!

  2. tenthousandpeople

    Hey I just came across your blog tonight. I was doing a search for “lesbian”…I enjoy what I’ve read so far:-)

  3. Just found your blog- really like it. Keep up the good work, stranger.

  4. I have totally fallen in like with you. Everything you’ve said in relation to feelings, beliefs, insights, is a mirror of myself. You and M are so blessed to have weathered things out, too. I wish I could say my ex of 10 yrs had been willing to weather things out, she was my heart. Live and learn, right?

  5. I just found your blog via sugarbutch’s shared items. I read a few back entries, back at the beginning when you first started this blog, and it’s comforting in a way to know that in a year of blogging you can come to the point you’re at — have readers and commenters, feel like you’ve become a better writer, found some of your voice. I’m standing back at the beginning now looking ahead to where you are! I hope you keep writing, your words resonate with me.

  6. Found your blog by reading another blog. I found your blog very interesting. Would like to continue to read. If possible would like to be included on future blogs. Would like to have the password if possible. Thanks! Take care.

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