25 most played

someone posted this meme on that terrible blue and white social networking media, and i am embarrassingly still part of it. so…i am bored and posting it.

here goes:

  1. Lovers:  Tonight
  2. Lovers:  Dead Deer
  3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs:  Hysteric
  4. The National:  Bloodbuzz Ohio
  5. Arcade Fire:  Wake Up
  6. The Cliks:  Not Your Boy
  7. Hunter Valentine:  She Only Loves Me When She’s Wasted
  8. The Damned:  Life Goes On
  9. Lady GaGa:  Paparazzi
  10. The Go-Betweens:  Quiet Heart
  11. Lovers:  Igloo for Ojos
  12. Arcade Fire:  Crown of Love
  13. New Order:  Ceremony
  14. Joy Division:  Atmosphere
  15. Lovers:  Peppermint (from Darklight, a remix of a song originally on Star Lit Sunken Ship)
  16. Hunter Valentine:  Youthful Existence
  17. MGMT:  Time To Pretend
  18. Scissor Sisters:  Don’t Feel like Dancin
  19. Echo & The Bunnymen:  Bring on the Dancing Horses
  20. M.I.A.:  Paper Planes
  21. Lovers:  Perpetual Motion, Perpetual Sound
  22. Lovers:  From A Highway
  23. Yeah Yeah Yeahs:  Turn Into
  24. Depeche Mode:  The Sinner In Me
  25. Lady GaGa:  Bad Romance

since there’s heavy representation on this list from Lovers, which (surprise!) is my favorite band, here’s their website:  www.holdmyclothes.com

what’s funny about this meme is that the 25 most played songs are indeed mostly my favorites.  but it also reflects a series of really difficult times in my life, when i put various of these songs on repeat for hours as i tried to calm myself down.  i won’t walk you through them all, but it’s a funny thing to keep track of in a way.  sometimes i listen to this list at not-sad times to desensitize myself to them.

some new faves:  still Lovers (of course) but also Sharon Van Etten, i’m on a huge New Order kick right now, and i’m actually listening to the radio a fair amount.

what are you listening to?


2 responses to “25 most played

  1. I haven’t heard of any of them. LOL

  2. 95% of these songs are on my everyday playlist.. great taste !

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