you’ll all be glad to know i am feeling much better.  mono laid me low but i’m on the up and up now…

and summer is rocketing by me!  i am happy to report that this summer, although plagued with almost everything except locusts, has also contained many summery moments, such as swimming in the ocean, eating amazing heirloom tomatoes from the farmers’ market, growing my own tomatoes…and just yesterday, M. rowed me around jamaica pond in a row boat.  i wrote this haiku in honor of the occasion:

‘rowing in a boat

on a pond called jamaica

i love you a lot’

isn’t that lovely?  and i didn’t even get very sunburned.  (that would have more to do with the thick gooey layer of sunblock i applied than any sort of luck, forethought, or proper attire, i would like to point out.)

it’s amazing how many fun things there are to do out in the world if you just get up off your ass and do them.  the pond incident occurred because M. and i were sitting by the pond eating lunch and she had a thought process that went something like this:

‘rowing on the pond looks like so much fun, and i would so like to do it right now, but it’s probably complicated and a hassle and i’ve never done it before from this boathouse so i don’t know what to expect and i don’t know how much it costs and probably FG wouldn’t want to anyway.’

in spite of these barriers she did bring it up and i had no objections, so we went and did it.  right then.  in the past, we would have been stymied by thought processes like that, and as a consequence we have only rowed around in a rented rowboat once before, in central park when we lived in new york in 2003.

so i encourage you, if there’s something fun you want to do, but you feel like the barriers are insurmountable, just do it anyway.  take the first step and i bet it will be a lot easier than you think.

i’ve also been seeing my friends a lot and hanging out at the ice cream parlor (mono makes you hungry — i sucked down an extra-thick chocolate malted frappe in 10 minutes the other day, which is an obscene amount of ice cream) and having lots of femme time.  i’m in the midst of looking for a job, and when i see postings for things in other cities i move right past them.  i’m really happy here in boston and have no need to leave.

i know greg is on a cruise right now, but what about the rest of you?  what summer things are you doing, or want to do but haven’t gotten it together to actually do yet?


4 responses to “summertime

  1. glad you’re feeling better! also, rowing sounds like wonderful fun.

    we’ve been way behind on summer, but we finally made it in the water a few weeks ago – having kids around makes trips to watery places much more common =)

  2. We are super busy in the summer, but we did have the opportunity to run through the sprinkler last weekend!

    Next weekend is a massive lesbian softball tournament and the weekend after that is a big group camp out with about 25 of our lesbo friends. Yay summer!

  3. “so i encourage you, if there’s something fun you want to do, but you feel like the barriers are insurmountable, just do it anyway. take the first step and i bet it will be a lot easier than you think.”

    YES YES YES a million times. I’ve been discovering that this summer too. Trying to shut out the inner voices saying “nawww, too complicated” and beckon in the voices that say “who cares? give it a shot!”

  4. Rowing on a pond sounds amazing. Good for you and M for taking the leap to just go for it.

    My summer has been so low-key, but that’s not a bad thing. Concerts, movies, cocktails on patios, barbecues. All the stuff that makes summer fun for me.

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