a weekend away

i’m in DC right now, visiting sisters and friends over the holiday weekend.  yesterday a friend and i were walking around in georgetown and passed a cemetery, which was closed by that point, and looked in and saw a deer snacking by the gravestones.  she paid us very little attention, stopping every minute or two to look up at us, and after wandering ever closer to the fence where we were watching, she settled down into the grass and chewed her cud.

really unbelievable.

then we went to the DC dyke bar, phase 1, which has been in operation since 1970.  i was quite impressed with it — cheap drinks, very diverse crowd in terms of both race/ethnicity and age, pool table, dancefloor, and people were friendly when i talked with them.  the experience left me really wishing that boston had one too.  for a city with such a long history of active gay community, it is striking that there is no dyke bar and no lgbt community center.  perhaps i should get on that…

today is the fourth, and i always have complex feelings about it.  in NY, where M and i celebrated the fourth in 2002 and 2003, for the first time the similarity between fireworks and bombs struck me and i haven’t been able to enjoy them much since then.  the proximity to the attacks of sept. 11, both temporal and geographical, really drove that point home.  today i’m going to a pool party with my sisters, where there will be barbeque and swimming and fireworks.  i haven’t told them this, but honestly these are very low on my list of enjoyable summer activities.  i will bring my book and my sunscreen and hope that i don’t get stuck talking with anyone’s aunt matilda.

DC is beastly hot.  always.  maybe i need to start visiting here in the winter!

anyway, happy fourth.  independence day.  though i think we would have been better off staying with cool britannia, it is too late to mourn that much.  instead i invite you to celebrate independence of all sorts today — financial independence, emotional independence, moments when you struck out on your own into the unknown and learned something important.  and eat watermelon!


3 responses to “a weekend away

  1. Happy Independence Day! Good luck on avoiding Aunt Matilda. 😉

  2. Happy (belated) 4th! 🙂

  3. I really look forward to visiting DC. Since gf went to GW, that area is like a 2nd home to her. We’ve been saying we’ll go for years now. Silly us.

    It seems like you had a lovely 4th – yay for any kind of independence!

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