i have a long, long story to tell.  and i know you have all day.  hell, you have all week, right?  so i’ll be telling it in pieces.  some of them will be passworded, but you already knew that.

i moved, as you can see from the post below this one, which will shortly be removed.  now, i’m moving back.

i have missed this space.  for some reason, the new one never really felt like me.  for a lot of reasons, but one major one:  i moved away from this space when my relationship fell apart.  and i’m moving back in because my relationship…is on the mend.

ok, don’t freak out!  and don’t get too excited!  it’s a cautious, slow-burn kind of mending.  one of two adults who have taken some time to really, really try to get to know not only ourselves but each other in a new way.

but i’m really happy.

the other thing that happened (oh happy day) is i graduated from my graduate program.  it was a bit like pulling hen’s teeth, or herding cats, or what have you…but i’m done, my gpa was stellar, and i’m off to a new activist-y life full of amazing people, drama, poverty, and love.

you know what?  it’s good just to see my old categories.  ‘joy’.  ‘life’.  ‘crikey the family’.  i don’t know how many of you still have this blog in your readers, a ghostly reminder of an old friend who jumped ship.  maybe some of you followed me and are irritated (or excited!) to see me return here.  and some of you maybe are here for the first time, you have no idea of my blogging history or who i really am.  because the other space never felt like me.

so here we are!  i hope you will welcome me back.  it’s good to be back.  i’m happier than i’ve been in a long, long time.  i haven’t been this happy since april of 2008, which was the last time my life seemed really hopeful and positive.  it’s been a hard road, and it’s been amazing to share it with you.

ok, enough mushy stuff.  the password is the same as it was over on the other space, email me if you want it.  you know the drill.

xoxo FG


16 responses to “uhhh……..hi.

  1. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! HAPPINESS!! for you, which is fuckin awesome, and for me, cause i get to read your writing again. (didn’t have the password…weird, i know, but that got lost in the shuffle.)

    was just thinking about you – there are three mini cherry pies cooling on the stove right now.

    and oh man, i wish the two of you heaps of patience and persistence and tenderness. ❤ and luck!

  2. Shut up that you’re here right now!!!! I could jump into this screen and hug you until you beg me to stop. It’s been quite the day but this really made it complete. I’m so happy you’re here and I’m endlessly proud of all you’ve accomplished.

    So much love, sweetheart.

  3. Welcome home! Good to see you back. Fimg x

  4. oh! welcome back. and a great deal of congratulations on your graduate graduation. and best of wished on all the rest of it. i hope this means we will get to see a bit more of you

  5. Count me among those excited to have you back!!!! And so so so so so so so so so x1000000 glad that things are going well for you, that you’re happy, that you graduated…

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Welcome back and great news that everything is going well. Long may it continue x

  7. Welcome Back! It was a nice surprise to see your name pop up in my reader

  8. Welcome back!! I never removed this from my reader any-ole-how.

    Call it faith.

    …or laziness. LOL


  9. Yeah!!! This is sooo exciting! I’m so happy and pleased for you! Also congrats on the program!

  10. Oh I love what you’ve done with the place! Very excited to see your writing, however often you return to it.

  11. Way damn groovy! I have missed reading you! Congratulations on finishing grad school and on positive step with M. I look forward to reading more!

  12. FGggggggggg – you are back, woo hoo 😀

  13. I swear, like I told you earlier today, I did leave a comment.. and I am so mad (grr) that it didn’t show up..
    well HI, HI, AND HI ! and ps I am so happy for you to see you back here.. oxox

  14. I never removed it from my reader, either – so count me with Tina!

    I’m happiest most for your happiness. That’s what gets us through life, right?

    So hi! And welcome back. I’ve missed your writing.

  15. I am sooooo happy to hear all of your good news! Welcome back!!! I am not sure how to follow a wordpress blog, but I still have you bookmarked and will check in regularly.

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